Wide Variety of Loan Services in Opelousas

Cajun Credit in Opelousas provides a wide variety of loan services to meet the needs of people in all situations. We have a dedicated team of financial advisors who will work with you to give you the funds you need to make your goals a reality.

Auto Loan Driver

Auto Loans

We understand most individuals simply cannot pay for a car in full upfront. Whether you’re ready to upgrade your current vehicle or you need a reliable car fast, we can facilitate financing for a new or used vehicle. Loans are approved in-house within an hour. We are on your side and will work hard to get you the best interest rate and loan terms possible. We offer a full range of large and small auto loans.

Personal Loan Document Signing

Personal Loans

A personal loan is used for just what you think—personal expenses. Cajun Credit in Opelousas offers personal loans hassle-free, with quick and painless approval. Contact us to learn more.

Consolidation Loan

Consolidation Loans

Do you have credit card debt or other outstanding balances? Are you feeling overwhelmed with paying several different bills every month and trying to coordinate multiple payments? Cajun Credit offers consolidation loans to combine multiple sources of debt into one easy payment, which will lower the interest rate and get all your loans paid off faster. Call us or stop in to learn more.

Couple Vacation

Vacation Loans

Are you ready for a break? Tired of the stresses of your daily routine and want to get away for a while? Cajun Credit has the solution—a vacation loan. Vacations provide stress relief and a chance to refresh your mind and your body, and we understand that. Stop in our office today and get the money you need for that trip you’ve always wanted to take.

Dream Home

Home Improvement Loans

When something in your home breaks, or you’re ready to make improvements that will increase curb appeal and make your home life more enjoyable, Cajun Credit offers home improvement loans. We have loans of all sizes, offering first rate terms, customer service, and turnaround times. Turn your house into your dream home with a little boost from our Opelousas loan specialists.

Dining Furniture

Furniture Loans

When you need to furnish your apartment, dorm room, or new home; call the specialists at Cajun Credit to obtain a furniture loan. Many banks require you to borrow a large amount, but we can provide the exact amount you need fast. Loans start at $100 and go up to several thousand. We’ll help you get that plush chair or elegant table you need to make your place feel like home.

Female Student

Back to School Loans

While education is priceless, it’s definitely not free! When you need funds for books or the tuition amount not covered by grants and school loans, Cajun Credit can help! You can use the money for whatever you need and you won’t have to worry about whether or not the money is delivered to your school on time. School loans can help you pay for books, hiring a tutor, a computer, a class trip, and more. Call or stop in to get the money you need to hit the books.